Climate protection law petition

Climate protection law petition

Welcome to the site for an immediate and effective climate change law in Germany. We - the signatories - want to bring an important petition directly to the German Bundestag ( parliament ). For this we need your help!

Germany is the richest country and the largest emitter of CO2 in Europe. By continuing to rely on coal to support its energy transition, and despite undeniable progress in renewable energy, the country will not achieve its greenhouse gas reduction targets.

The climate protection agreement of Paris must finally be laid down in a binding law.

The petition is open to residents of all ages and countries!

The petition is open for signature until May 6 - by that date at least 50,000 people will be required by Internet e-petition or conventional signature list. It will then be possible to present the demand for a climate protection law to the Committee on Petitions and thus put more pressure on the government. Our aim is to bring the debate on this issue to the German Bundestag.

This petition is binding: in accordance with the right of petition provided for by the German Basic Law, the citizens concerned may submit their requests directly to the German Bundestag, which may forward them to the federal government for deliberation.

I need help with the signature

To sign the petition just fill in your contact details and an email address to confirm your signature. The German Bundestag page is not very easy to navigate without knowing German, so please read the instructions below how to fill out the form.

Thank you for your participation!

Initiated by Parents for Future Germany